Safari Lee is an indie artist from Sydney who crafts songs and art about a weird world. The Aussie creative plays around with pop-punk hooks and metaphors, set on a solid bedrock of bass dogma. Her music consists of three electric basses, vocals, and percussion – no guitars, no keys. Safari Lee’s songs bump into the light globe of 80’s art pop, then catch a breath in the shadows of post-punk. She likes creative oddballs and quirksters, with many of her favourites coming from the art-music and alt-rock eras of last century.

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Enjoying a multi-disciplinary approach to her art, Safari creates videos to accompany her music. Her short films have been selected for film festivals around the world. Her work CV includes a wide and wild diversity, from concrete truck driver to computer programmer to dominatrix, all of which she draws upon for her musical creations.

Safari’s first job was as a trumpet player in a Latin American ensemble named Musico Groupo Caribe. She also played double bass in an orchestra as a child, which led to the transition to fretless electric bass. Safari has played in bands with Lazy Susan’s Paul Andrews and Alannah Russack of The Hummingbirds, and also appears on The Aerial Maps, Josh Shipton's and Simon Gibson’s latest albums.

I've spent the last few years playing with some wonderful musicians, including

Family Fold    Electric bass and backing vocals - live (2019-2022)

Alannah Russack's Entropy Band    Trumpet and backing vocals - live (2019)

Josh Shipton and the Blue Eyed Ravens    Electric (fretless) bass and backing vocals - live and recorded (2020-2021)

The Aerial Maps    Trumpet and backing vocals - live and recorded (2020)

Simon Robert Gibson    Trumpet and backing vocals - recorded (2020)


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