About Safari Lee

Safari Lee uses music, paint, film, and objects to explore the odd and the other.

In 2019, Safari completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts (First Class Honours) at the University of Sydney's Sydney College of the Arts. She majored in Screen Arts with additional electives from the painting studio and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Safari is particularly grateful to the family of Jerome de Costa and Zelda Stedman for the four scholarships she received during her studies.

Sydney College of the Arts emphasises a multi-disciplinary approach to art. Safari has actively developed her painting works as a fundamental part of her practice. Naming the works "Vibratings" as a portmanteau of Vibrator Paintings, Safari uses vibrators to create vibrant colourful paintings, with gloss upon matt paint. The concepts of desire, power - and loss of control - and anthropomorphism lay within the abstract creations.

Safari's first job after school was as a trumpet player in a Latin American ensemble named Musico Groupo Caribe. She also played double bass in an orchestra as a child, which led to the transition to fretless electric bass. Safari has been playing in bands with Lazy Susan's Paul Andrews and Alannah Russack of The Hummingbirds,  both of whom Safari has greatly respected for many years and is thrilled to join on stage. She also appears on The Aerial Maps latest album. Safari's songwriting, like her musical taste, bumps like a moth into the lightglobe of pop, then flops down to catch its breath in alt-rock fuzz.  She likes creative oddballs and quirksters, with many of her favourites coming from the art-music and post-punk eras of last century.

Safari's short films have been selected for screening at international film festivals and she is currently working on her first album and accompanying video clips.

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