Vibratings are paintings made by connecting vibrators (electronic sex toys) with a paint mop. The devices are turned on and primarily left to traverse the canvas with “free will”. My interest in technology, desire and abstract aesthetics combine in this process, resulting in colourful adventurous works.

Installation, autonomy and collective organising, the embodiment of work, power and desire. They are unique and can be read as simple colourful swirls encouraging meditative reflection or pulse-quickening excitement.

Artworks in the form of Vibratings have been exhibited in numerous galleries including in Project 107 in Sydney, as well as SCA Galleries.



Vibratings can be created as site-specific works for hotels, bars, restaurants, homes and corporate environments and commission enquiries are very welcome. These designs are perfect for original paintings and prints and can be incorporated into soft furnishings and even pool and bathroom tile designs. I love creating bespoke interpretations of the vibratings theme, so contact me with even the most unusual requests.

Limited and open edition art prints and other products with the Vibratings designs are available in the Shop.

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The process of creating the Vibratings is a real talking point. While the artwork can be appreciated for its abstract, colourful design, the use of vibrators in creating the works is also fun and adventurous.

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I sell limited and open edition art prints and other products with the Vibratings designs as seen in the Shop.

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