Vibratings Greeting Card 3 Set


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This Vibratings Greeting Card Set is a colourful 3 pack of A6 cards with envelopes.

These cards are made with love. Purrfect to send as an abstract art card with a twist in the tail if the recipient happens to read the back and discover the sexy way these paintings were created.

“Upon an hypnotic audio drone backdrop, the objects come alive – a cluster of vibrators slide across the canvas, dragging a paint mop. Self-determined, they leave a glistening trace. They are harnessed together and move as one, yet with their own speed and rhythm depending on how much they are turned on.”

Want to see how the paintings are made? Check out this quick vibrator painting video.

Made in Australia, these blank-inside cards and envelopes are made with 100% recycled paper and all recyclable but you can frame them too!

FREE postage within Australia and only five Aussie dollars everywhere else.

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