Picture Guitar Picks Set of 3


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This is a colourful set of 3 picks featuring designs based on three Safari Lee songs.

All pics are single side printed with the following specs:

Design: Reverse FREAK burst design. Material: Celluloid. Pick Gauge: 0.71mm. Pick Colour: Black and white on red faux tortoiseshell.

Design: Vintage Girl Photograph. Material: Delrinex. Pick Gauge: 0.80mm. Pick Colour: Colour image on dark grey pick.

Hot Alien Fun
Design: HOT ALIEN FUN w alien heart logo. Material: Celluloid. Pick Gauge: 0.96mm. Pick Colour: Black text on Glow-in-the-dark pick.


Made in Australia.

FREE postage within Australia and only five Aussie dollars everywhere else.

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