Onwards and Upwards


Onwards and Upwards optimistically refers to the positive co-existence between people, industry and our natural world. Dumped in a collective pile, the thirty trucks can be seen as people coming together in collaboration. The individuals, governments and organisations share knowledge and find solutions to ecological issues collectively, rather than concentrating on individual gain. The trucks on the higher levels are metaphorically “standing on the shoulders of giants”. This refers to learning from previous lessons and discoveries, and acknowledging the damage we've done. With knowledge comes the opportunity to reverse these trends and engage in balanced interactions.

This sculpture can be viewed as a flowering cactus. These tolerant, hardy plants display great beauty, especially when flowering. It's lower levels are coloured of sand and soil, and the upper tier showing greenery with splashes of pinks for the flowers.

This work was awarded a stipend for installation as part of the Eden Unearthed six month exhibition at Eden Gardens.

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