Enforced Technology

Vinyl and paint. 2.2m x 12m. Modem sound file. Collaboration by Safari with Brett, Laura, Junyu.
Click to hear Enforced Technology audio file

The evolution of the Enforced Technology's design elements is symbolic of technological evolution and its encroachment. The continually growing, involuntary interaction and enforced engagement between technology and lifeforms on earth. Each wall spells out one of the four letters WALL in binary code.

Big clunky mainframe computers took up entire rooms, then over time nanotechnology has emerged. Chips implanted in bodies. With current technology cleverly camouflaged in design, resulting in smart phones, smart homes and the aesthetics of beauty are “smartly” integrated within the technology, reducing the dichotomy of subject and object. The fire hose with it's technical style signage, inbuilt wireless devices and speaker systems all reaffirm design and technology's integration into our lives.

Lines across the space, viewed like telephone lines across an urbanscape's skyline connect these eras of technological evolution, connect the canvases and connect the technology with us, it's ”users”... or are we merely a conduit, or tool for technology to use us. It uses us to turn it on and off, keep it powered. We are, in a sense slaves to it's needs.

The invisible sounds facilitate the walls becoming a room, a wall of sound. Starting with a single retro, dial-up modem, identifiable by those of an age, the speakers on opposite sites of the room communicate with each other. Making contact, mimicking with a cacophony of communication like a mating call, desperate to engage ad building to a climactic crescendo.

The stark spaces between the sound, just like the white spaces of the wall allow the viewer or listener the opportunity to see and hear the zeros between the ones, or rather the offs between the ons. This contrast creates a tension wanting resolve, especially in the white box of the gallery space, even if it is the white corridor of the gallery space. This comes when the sound returns and the black appears.