Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle Digital Image 2016

Concrete Jungle blurs the boundaries of many dichotomies, including social and political acceptance versus dissonance and nature versus constructed environments.

I intentionally incorporated multi-disciplanary elements of performance, video, image manipulation using multiple programs to reflect the gathering of people in the cities. Each additional digital technique used added new challenges and benefits, like the urban convergence of different cultures and sub-cultures presents, as we attempt to coexist. Many are drawn to cities for work and play and we have strong attachment to the built environment and lifestyle.

Sexual fetishes are still on the fringe of society, yet with increased internet and media exposure the previously ‘debaucherous’ is creeping into mainstream culture. Similarly, the urban continues to encroach on rural, with little questioning or judgement. To sexually adore concrete, if taken seriously is transgressive in it’s anthropomorphism and animism. If taken in jest, it’s kitsch, and I enjoyed adding humour to my work.

Remnants of the piece’s creation reside in the 3D rendering program, with guidelines and references to the camera remaining a part of the finished piece. The person in fetish attire outstreches her arms to the concrete Walter Burley Griffin incinerator as the unmanipulated, grey city sky is reflected by the artificial trees in various stages of selection and rendering.

The final piece culminates in a strange tension of human existence within an artificial environment and the resultant separation from nature, yet there’s a distinct element of pleasure with our displacement.